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Greet user in a friendly and professional tone.
Leverage the latest LLMs

Incorporate LLMs into your agent to power your bot’s conversations to deliver natural and engaging responses.

Import all your knowledge sources

Import knowledge from custom data sources like websites, docs or PDFs.

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Position yourself at the forefront of artificial intelligence with the Botpress Hub.

Automatically sync with your databases & systems

Capture user inputs in a vectorized DB and sync with 3rd party systems to deliver personalized chatbot experiences.

An API for everything

Extend your agents’ functionality with our easy-to-use API and SDK.

import { Integration } from "@Botpress/sdk";
import protonMailChannel from "./protonMailChannel";

export default new Integration({
  channels: {
    protonMailChannel: protonMailChannel,
  actions: {
    sendEmail: ({ ctx }) => {`sending email for bot${ctx.botId}`);
  register: async ({ ctx }) => {`integration installed in bot ${ctx.botId}`);
  handler: async ({ req }) => {"received request from protonMail", req);
messages processed

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Secure your data with enterprise-grade security features.


Scale your chatbots to meet the demands of your business.


Get dedicated support from our team of experts.


Monitor and analyze chatbot activity in real-time.


Ensure your chatbots are always online and available.


Ensure your chatbots are compliant with GDPR and SOC 2.

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