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Botpress seamlessly connects your ChatGPT bot with Viber. Incorporate Viber as part of your chatbot's workflow automation with hundreds of other applications.
Connect Viber with AI
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Enhance user engagement by integrating your ChatGPT bot with Viber. Provide outstanding conversational experiences through intelligent chatbots, adept at handling a wide range of interactions, from general inquiries to complex support cases, ensuring seamless and effective communication. E-commerce Businesses can elevate their customer experience by integrating a ChatGPT bot with Viber. From providing real-time support to guiding users through the purchasing process, the chatbot ensures seamless transactions and increased customer engagement. Customer Service Managers can streamline their support process with the help of a ChatGPT bot. The bot can efficiently handle initial customer queries and complaints, allowing managers to allocate their resources more effectively and improve customer satisfaction. Community Managers can use a ChatGPT bot to manage group chats, moderate discussions, and provide community updates. This automation enhances community engagement and allows managers to focus on building stronger relationships.
Supported Channel Capabilities
  • Send messages via Viber
  • Receive messages from Viber

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