The Leading Open-source
Conversational AI Platform
for Enterprise Automation

Botpress is a flexible, fully on-prem conversational AI platform for enterprises to automate conversations & workflows.

AI to Understand

Our NLU technology significantly outperforms the competitors and leads to much higher levels of customer satisfaction.


Built-in collaboration with large enterprises. Whether you are a Bank or the National Defence, we got you covered.

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Built on

Botpress has been battle-tested by thousands of developers. You can trust it's been proven to be flexible, secure and highly scalable.

They automate with Botpress

State-of-the-art research for Open-Source Conversational AI Chatbot Platform available today.

With Botpress, you won’t need to hire PhD’s for your conversational IA projects.  Our job is to keep track of the latest state-of-the-art research papers in the various fields of NLP, NLU & NDU and to deliver that in a product that non-technical people can use seamlessly.  It just works.

Intents & Topics Detection

Understand what the users say, whether they ask a question, try to accomplish a goal, or say something outside of your chatbot's expertise.

Entities & Slots Extraction

The contextual entities & slots extraction algorithms used in Botpress for accurate extraction of pre-built entities, patterns and also custom entities.

Contextual Awareness

Botpress NDU uses Machine Learning to predict the most accurate answer according to the conversation context.


Botpress NLU supports over 20 languages and the Visual Flow Builder allows to seamlessly translate from one language to the other without creating multiple chatbots.

Full-stack Enterprise Platform

Botpress is used in production by many Global 2000 companies. It ships with all the features you need to run mission-critical deployments.

Advanced Permissions

Control collaboration and permissions with advanced RBAC and control access through LDAP, SAML and SSO.

Security & Data Compliance

Deploy Botpress on any infrastructure and behind your firewall. 100% self contained.

Release Management

Have complete control of your chatbot versioning and set up custom permissions.

Expert Support & SLA

24/7 support available for your global business with SLA.

Analytics & Reporting

Be on top of your data governance requirements with rich auditing and reporting tools.

High Availability

Send up to 100 messages per second and minimize downtime with our highly available setup.
Why Enterprises Trust Botpress
+ 8000 ⭐ on GitHub
+ 900 Forks
+ 100 Contributors

Open-Source and Extensible Conversational AI Platform

The Core of Botpress is open-source since 2017 and since then, hundreds of developers and companies have contributed back to the project.

We're proud to be the most popular open-source chatbot platform on GitHub and to be considered the de-facto standard platform for conversational AI by our community.

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Runs anywhere

Botpress ships as a self-contained binary with zero external dependency. It's been built to be lightweight, fast and extremely easy to deploy within your stack and existing infrastructure. This means it can be installed & deployed virtually anywhere.

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Available on any channel

Connect your conversational assistants to one of the many messaging channels already implemented in Botpress such as Slack, Microsoft Teams or your own website/portal using our built-in, customizable Webchat.

Even if a channel is missing, you can still integrate that channel by creating a module or using the Real-time Converse API.

Privacy-conscious organizations trust Botpress

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