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Monitoring is an essential part of any software deployment. Botpress includes, out of the box, a simple but intuitive dashboard designed to keep an eye on your servers. Key metrics are collected (like CPU and Memory usage), including a couple of botpress-related metrics.

Metric data is collected and stored using a Redis server.

This feature is only available to users of the Pro version.


  • Botpress Pro must be enabled with a valid license key;
  • Redis Server must be running (minimum: version 2.8).

Quick Start

  1. Open your botpress.config.json file and set pro.monitoring.enabled to true.
  2. Set an environment variable named CLUSTER_ENABLED to true.
  3. Set another environment variable named REDIS_URL which should point to your server (example provided below).
  4. Start your Botpress Server. Monitoring Interface


The default values should be good for most situations. They are described in details directly in the Botpress Config Definition

Redis Configuration

The environment variable REDIS_URL must be constructed like this: redis://user:[email protected]:port If you start it locally, this should do the trick: REDIS_URL=redis://localhost:6379


These metrics are collected for every node of your Botpress Cluster.

  • Average % of CPU usage
  • Average % of Memory usage
  • Number of HTTP requests processed
  • Number of incoming events (when users sends messages to the bot)
  • Number of outgoing events (anything the bot sends back to users)
  • Number of warnings
  • Number of errors
  • Latency of HTTP requests