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Enterprise Licensing

The server license tab is meant to be used when you want to have a enterprise environment. This enables a lot of new [options and features(/overview/features/enterprise-specific-features)]. Don't forget that you also have all the other features of the free edition.

Obtain a License

Please contact our sales team using the request demo form on our website.


When giving us you URL information to get your license key, don't forget that it must be the exact URL, or it won't work.

Add an Enterprise License

  1. In your Admin Dashboard, go to the Server License tab.
  2. Click Enable Pro & Reboot Server.
  3. Click Enable in the dialog box. ...Wait for the server to reboot...
  4. Click Enter license key.
  5. Paste the license key that you were given.
  6. Click Validate.

This will let you do everything that is cautioned as Enterprise Only.

Activate Your License

When starting Botpress, use the BP_LICENSE_KEY=<license_key> environment variable as well as the EXTERNAL_URL=<public_url> environment variable.


BP_LICENSE_KEY=<license_key> EXTERNAL_URL=<public_url> ./bp


docker run -d \
--name botpress \
-p 3000:3000 \
-v botpress_data:/botpress/data \
-e BP_LICENSE_KEY=<license_key> \
-e EXTERNAL_URL=<public_url> \

License Breach and Details

If you happen to breach your license (e.g you try to add more nodes than allowed on your license), your bots won't work anymore until you either update your license or get back to an unbreached license state.

If you don't remember the limits of your currently activated license, you can always go to the Server Settings page in your user top right menu. There you'll have all information on your current license.