The Tools & Skills that Developers Need to Build a Great Chatbot

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(0:56): What developers need to create great conversational interfaces
(1:15): Your bot doesn’t need to pass the Turing test
(3:54): Forget about that fancy ML-based dialogue engine
(5:28): A giant data set is not required
(7:09): No PhD in NLP? No problem
(8:21): Utilize a forward-thinking NLP engine
(9:25): Become experience-focused
(10:55): Visual interfaces make for better collaboration
(12:10): Hooks, custom code, integrations are key
(13:39): Cover all channels from one bot
(15:25): Utilize continuous improvement tools

Great conversational experiences are built, not bought off the shelf — giving the developer a critical role in developing a working chatbot.

To build with success, however, developers must possess specific tools and skills that lay the foundation for creating chatbots that deliver personalized conversations at scale.

Watch this talk by Sylvain Perron, co-founder & CEO of Botpress, to learn the six essential tools and skills needed for successful chatbot development (and four things you don’t need to worry about).

A few things you’ll hear Sylvain cover:

  • Why more data isn’t necessarily better — and why it can actually harm your bot
  • How visual development tools can strengthen collaboration with team stakeholders
  • Why robust code is the key to delivering personalized conversations and great customer experiences
  • The key elements needed to make a chatbot work well — including form functionality, 
message and dialogue generation, and more

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