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Interface ModuleEntryPoint

The Module Entry Point is used by the module loader to bootstrap the module. It must be present in the index.js file of the module. The path to the module must also be specified in the global botpress config.


  • ModuleEntryPoint



Optional botTemplates

botTemplates: BotTemplate[]

An array of available bot templates when creating a new bot


definition: ModuleDefinition

Additional metadata about the module

Optional onBotMount

onBotMount: undefined | function

Optional onBotUnmount

onBotUnmount: undefined | function

Optional onElementChanged

onElementChanged: undefined | function

This method is called whenever a content element is created, updated or deleted. Modules can act on these events if they need to update references, for example.

Optional onFlowChanged

onFlowChanged: undefined | function

Optional onFlowRenamed

onFlowRenamed: undefined | function

Optional onModuleUnmount

onModuleUnmount: undefined | function

Called when the module is unloaded, before being reloaded onBotUnmount is called for each bots before this one is called

Optional onServerReady

onServerReady: undefined | function

This is called once all modules are initialized, usually for routing and logic

Optional onServerStarted

onServerStarted: undefined | function

Called once the core is initialized. Usually for middlewares / database init

Optional skills

skills: Skill[]

An array of the flow generators used by skills in the module

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