Standalone NLU API

It's free, simple and lightning fast. Deploy your own NLU API and use it for your project.

Efficient Natural Language Understanding

with one API call

This is the simplest and fastest way to use natural language understanding.

No Sign Up Required

Get Started in less than 60 seconds

Getting started has never been simpler - download the Botpress binary and launch your NLU server in less than 60 seconds on your computer.

With multiple cloud deployment options like Heroku and Digital Ocean, you can have your own private NLU server launched in a fraction of the time it takes with competing solutions.

cd botpress-v12_17_0./bp nlu

From Natural Language to Structured Data

Natural Language Processing isn’t just for digital assistants. It can be used in various ways to enhance multiple aspects of your business.

What you need is structured data and our NLU server allows you to get that – simple and fast. You send it text, it returns you JSON.

Structured data returned by NLU

Complexity is Bad for Business

When you need simplicity, input two simple API calls; Train & Predict. The first will return a model ID, and the second will return a predicted intent and/or an extracted entity.

No fluff or wasted time - just the POST you need to add NLU to your project.

POST http://localhost:3200/v1/trainPOST http://localhost:3200/v1/predict/:modelId

Use Cases for NLU

How You Can Use NLU in Your Project

The first thing that comes to mind is probably; Chatbots. And yes, chatbots are a good example of a project where you can leverage NLU, but NLU can be used for a lot of other projects where transforming natural language into structured data will unlock many possibilities. Here are a few examples:

  • A Chatbot. It doesn't have to be complex. You could simply take the text of your user, send it to the NLU for prediction of an intent. With the predicted intent, you can make a simple rule determining what to answer. It's basic but better than a button-based chatbot with no flexibility.
  • Natural Language Search. You can augment your search experience by using natural language understanding. Usually, search works with keywords, fewer words is better to avoid confusion. However, you could use natural language understanding on your website and allow people to search the way they want. If you search on Mejuri, "What would be a good gift for my wife?", the search would determine that you are looking for a gift for your wife and would give you the link of that category.
  • Automation. You can't use a sentence like "please send me a reminder at 8 PM tomorrow to watch the young and the restless." to automate the creation of a reminder. You will need to use the NLU to recognize the intent and extract the different entities.

Let your imagination run away with this and I am sure you can find some really cool things to do.

Key Features
of Standalone NLU

  • Intent Recognition
  • Entities Extraction
  • Slot Filling
  • Few-Shots Training
  • Spell Checking
  • Out-of-Scope Intent Recognition
  • Blazing Fast Training & Predict Time
  • Easy Migration to our comprehensive platform
  • Community Support