Human in the Loop

Allow your Team to Take Over the Conversation

No matter how great your chatbot is, allowing the end-user to talk with an agent is an essential part of great conversational design.

Real-time Chat

Agent Taking Over the Conversation

Your chatbot can delegate a conversation to an agent sitting behind the real-time chat interface of our HITL module. This system is built into Botpress, which makes it easy to implement as part of your solution. This is something we highly recommend in our conversational design best practices because it increases customer satisfaction.

Conversation waiting to be assigned
Conversation waiting to be assigned

New Enterprise Features

Multi-Agent for High Volume

The HITL module is designed for small teams who want to get started with conversations handoff. Each collaborator of your workspace has access to the HITL module to act as an agent. The Human-in-the-Loop module allows each agent to see which conversation is assigned to who. If it's unassigned, they can assign each other conversations to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

User Profile & Notes

Keep Important Information at Hand

During the course of a conversation with an end-user, the chatbot will gather some information that can be stored in variables. Once the chatbot delegates, these variables will be available to the agent with any notes previously added by a colleague. This is what we call ''Prime Delegation''. The agent doesn't have to start from scratch; the chatbot sends some valuable insights his way.

Human in the Loop User Profile
Human in the Loop User Profile
Workflow Action to handoff a conversation to the HITL Module
Workflow Action to handoff a conversation to the HITL Module

Workflow Integration

Fast & Easy Integration in any of your Workflows

To delegate the conversation to an agent, you need to add the built-in action somewhere in your workflow. It's fast and easy to add and it doesn't require any other integration. You just drag and drop a block in your workflow and select the built-in action available in the dropdown of ''execute code''.

The Only Open-Source AI Platform with Built-in Prime Delegation

You can get started in less than 60 seconds by downloading our binary and launching a Botpress local server.