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Proof of Concept for Conversational AI

We really play a consulting role here. We discover with you what are the use cases for conversational AI in your organization or department. Then, we help you build it to make sure you get the most value out of the technology as fast as possible.

Our solution experts have helped over a hundred of enterprises getting started with conversational AI which later translated into deployments reaching millions of users.

There is no reason why you should go through this alone while we can help you do what we've done so many times already. Your project can't afford to fail and we won't let you.

Enterprise-Grade Solution

Enterprises have very different considerations when it comes to the adoption of a new software. Governance, security and collaboration are among the top priority.

We tailored Botpress Enterprise to the needs of those organizations and to ensure that they could leverage conversational AI to create more value within the enterprise.

Industry Leading Experts

We built our expertise by deploying more than a hundred conversational assistants to millions of users for large organizations of the Global 2000.

We have a clear roadmap to get you to production and value creation. It's in our best interest to share our knowledge with your organization to maximize the benefits.

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What Do You Get with Botpress Enterprise?

Data and Privacy Compliance

Security compliance is described as a top priority for CIOs. Botpress being an on-premise solution means you can really customize your security.


Botpress Enterprise facilitates your large scale deployment by allowing multiple instances to sync with each other.


Using workspaces with role-based access control allows you to create an environment for team collaboration by giving access to only what someone needs.

Custom Branding

You can customize the solution to align it with your brand guidelines. From the web chat to the admin panel, everything can be aligned.

A Great Experience is the Difference

All of the above considerations potentially differentiate an enterprise bot from a bot created to provide services for a smaller business. While they’re important, and must be addressed, the main priority is to develop a bot that succeeds in offering the customer a much better way of accomplishing the job at hand. This is not the exclusive goal of the enterprise, as smaller businesses are just as concerned about creating great customer experiences, but it is a point that must be emphasized.

There can sometimes be the tendency when a new technology emerges to embrace it to such an extent that the customer experience is unintentionally deprioritized. While this danger exists for all companies, it might be harder to catch within enterprises because it’s harder for managers in large organizations to monitor every detail of what is going on.

One particularly dangerous space for enterprises in the chatbot space is the use of AI. While amazing advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP) have meant that the speaker’s intentions in natural language can be identified with a high degree of confidence, there is a mistaken perception that AI more generally is able to carry out deeper conversations with customers about their products. While these types of systems may be viable in future, right now trying to get a chatbot to understand context, ambiguity and have a meaningful memory is a quixotical quest that can suck up endless resources and time.

Enterprises need to consider many issues when building a chatbot experience for their customers. And that is in addition to making sure that the chatbot solves a real problem for the end customer and that the experience is truly great. Even if you start by building simple prototypes that you roll out to a limited customer base, there are still important issues to consider, including ensuring that the prototype is built on a framework that will make it easy to proceed towards production once the relevant information has been gathered.

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