Chatbot for Customer Support Departments

IT support teams are working in a more complex technological landscape with limited resources.
Botpress can help reduce the response time and the number of tickets.

Botpress Studio allow collaboration
Trigger blocks with support ticket intent
Reduce the Number of Support Requests

Conversational AI can help you intercept and solve the inquiries before it reaches an agent. Reducing the number of requests will allow your team to focus on more complex situations.

Exchange of Message in the middle of the night
Create an Extraordinary Customer Experience

A chatbot is always available, no matter how many inquiries it receives or the time of the day. You can really improve the experience of your customers with speed.

Self-service workflow
Enable Customers with Self-Service

Canceling an order is a common request for customer support, but this can all be automated with a simple AI chatbot.

Thomson Reuters Transforms Customer Experience
with Conversational AI

The Challenge

Thomson Reuters is a Canadian multinational media conglomerate based in Toronto, Canada. The company has more than 25 000 employees and generates 5.5 billion in annual revenue from different solutions including their tax and accounting software Domínio.

Domínio receives more than 8,000 queries per day. These queries were handled by a team of 300 call center agents on the phone and an additional 200 agents responding via text through a ticketing system. They identified the need to respond to customer queries faster and more efficiently.

Generic Building Image for Use Cases
Customer Service Use Case for Chatbots

The Result

Domínio identified repetitive questions that could be answered by a chatbot. This would immediately improve the customer experience by providing simple answers faster and more accurately and giving support agents more time to deal with more complex questions.

David Antonio, from Domínio, shared with us that Domínio intends to set up “human in the loop” in the near future so that questions that the chatbot can’t answer will be escalated to support agents in real time.

Mr Antonio also shared that they plan to shortly enhance the chatbot’s abilities by integrating it with more internal systems. In the longer term, he said they intend to expand the use of chatbots beyond internal and external technical support to marketing, training and other commercial activities.

How They Did It

Domínio began with a limited scope pilot whereby their chatbot, TRIA, will respond to queries regarding one application topic.

The first important action made by Domínio is that they embedded the chatbot into their own accounting and tax software application using Botpress Webchat. This enables customers to easily access the chatbot with minimal disruption.

The second meaningful action was to create a Botpress module to extract interaction information on the user’s interaction within their own software. They could then use this information to customize the user experience of the chatbot.

For example, the visual flow builder in Botpress can use the extracted information such as which version of the software the user is using, which screen and field they are on, and what error they encountered to determine what to do next.

Using the user context to control the user experience is critical to creating a great user experience because it allows chatbot developers to make the chatbot as relevant as possible to the task at hand. It is hard to impossible to use the user context in this way on other chatbot development platforms.

Chatbot Workflow Cancel an Order

Our Features

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Our analytics module is a key component of improving your conversational experiences. It provides actionable insights of what the user is looking to accomplish or the kind of information she is looking for.

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