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1. Login & Signup


To use Botpress Cloud services, you need to log in to the cloud platform. From the cloud platform, you can find other valuable services like

  • Manage Chatbots
  • Billing
  • Audits
  • Settings
  • Account Management
  • Collaboration

Available Types of Login


Botpress provides three types of login that you can use to log in to the Botpress Cloud.

Go to the Botpress Cloud Dashboard.

From there, choose the suitable authentication provider.

Sign Up using Email

Sign up

  1. Enter your Email ID, password and select your country.
  2. Click Sign Up. You will be receiving a verification link to your email for your account activation.
  3. Sign in with your credentials


You can securely access your account's resources by authenticating through GitHub.

Sign up

Click on Continue with GitHub and authorize github permissions.


Signing up with Google means you can log in with your Google account, making it extra easy and secure to log in to Botpress Cloud.