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Agent Handoffs - Other Platforms

Agent handoffs refer to the transition of a conversation from an automated bot to a live agent. In essence, it is the process by which a chat initiated on a platform like Whatsapp is transferred and handled by a professional agent through a different platform, in this instance, Zendesk.

You can also use this for automation processes that require human intervention. For example, if a user wants to cancel their subscription, you can use this to transfer the conversation to a live agent who can handle the cancellation conversation, then transfer the conversation back to the bot so that it may cancel the subscription.

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Currently, our Agent Handoff module is in its BETA phase and only accessible on-demand. To gain access to this service, you need to reach out to our team. Reach out to our sales team to request on-demand access to the BETA. Just click here (opens in a new tab)