Chatbots for Healthcare Organizations

We have a turnkey solution that you can deploy in a matter of hours on your website
to answer the questions of your citizens about COVID-19.

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Decrease response time by 70%

Deflect up to 68% of inquiries

This chatbot can help
our fellow citizens

We built a chatbot with answers to the most common questions about COVID-19 to help authorities support an unprecedented number of inquiries from the population. After we built something similar for the Ministry of Health in Quebec, we decided to make our work available to other healthcare organizations. It makes the content highly relevant and up-to-date. In addition to that, you can customize the chatbot with your own frequently asked questions.

Provide them with answers swiftly.

Using natural language, your citizens can ask questions to the chatbot to get information they need.

Allow agent to jump in & help when it matters.

If the chatbot can't handle a user request because of its complexity, you can escalate it to an agent who will take over the chat session and help in resolving the case.

Help them accomplish what they came to do.

You can design conversations to guide the users towards a specific goal such as self-diagnosis or filling out a request for financial support.

Our deep expertise is the difference

Botpress is a conversational AI platform for enterprise automations. It's built on top of the world's most popular open-source platform used by tens of thousands of developers around the world.

We have helped many Global 2000 organizations build their conversational automations for customer support and for employee support as well. Our solution comes with the expertise of hundreds of chatbot deployed into production to millions of users.

Deployed in compliance with your data policies

Botpress ships as a self-contained binary with zero external dependency. It's been built to be lightweight, fast and extremely easy to deploy within your stack and existing infrastructure. This means it can be installed & deployed virtually anywhere and in compliance with your data policies.

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