Conversational Automation for IT Support Teams

Leverage chatbots to automate your FAQs and repetitive tasks to allow your team to get more done and accomplish critical tasks.

Reclaim Time to Focus on Critical Tasks

By automating the FAQs, your team can spend less time answering questions and spend more time on mission critical tasks or more complex cases.

Reduce Time to Resolution

Automate workflows to empower your team to get things done with a single conversation. By reducing time to resolution, you are improving employee experience.

Understand What Your Team Needs to Be Great

Your team will ask questions not knowing if they can get an answer. That data is available to you so you can take action in order to improve your team.

Why Botpress?

As the leading open-source platform for conversational AI, we have develop not only a comprehensive product, but also a deep expertise. With more than 100s of conversational solutions deployed in production to this day, we have helped our customers implement mission-critical solutions.

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Available on Any Channel

Connect your conversational assistants to one of the many messaging channels already implemented in Botpress such as Slack, Microsoft Teams or your own website/portal using our built-in, customizable Webchat.

Even if a channel is missing, you can still integrate that channel by creating a module or using the Real-time Converse API.

On-Premise, Cloud or Containers

Botpress ships as a self-contained binary with zero external dependency. It's been built to be lightweight, fast and extremely easy to deploy within your stack and existing infrastructure. This means it can be installed & deployed virtually anywhere and in compliance with your data policies.

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