Tech for Good — How Technologies Are Used to Fight COVID-19

What are the technologies used by Governments to fight COVID-19?

We see a trend in countries from Asia leveraging emerging technologies to fight COVID-19. It seems like these governments have deployed enormous efforts in trying to find solutions.

We see technologies such as drones used to disinfect public places, AI-powered X-ray analysis for patient classifications and Big Data Analytics to track how the virus spread around the country.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. We put together an amazing list of all the technologies used in Asia and elsewhere around the world. In the list below show very creative applications of technology to combat the disease you might not expect:

List of emerging technologies used by Governments to fight the COVID-19 outbreak

Conversational agents can reduce the pressure on human support agents by up to 80%

We have identified two ways of using conversational AI for healthcare; information dissemination and customer care. By deploying a conversational agent, organizations can reduce the number of inquiries to reach agent by up to 80% depending of the kind of questions you are receiving. Let me explain to you how each of these applications can be used concretely.

Making sure everyone has access to the latest information

The information is changing very quickly and there is a lot of new information daily. This is a real challenge that every health organization around the world is facing. How can you distribute the latest information quickly and in the right place?

This is actually a use case we have experience with because we've spent the last few weeks helping our local provincial government building a conversational agent for that purpose. The volume of calls received by the health hotline is something we've never seen before. It's impossible to deploy enough agents to answer all these calls. The wait time being very high, some people may never find the information they need or worse, they could find false information from a random social media post.

By deflecting calls to a chatbot, you are allowing your agents to focus their effort on patients with complex situations. In the meantime, the conversational AI agent can answer frequently asked questions to make sure everyone is informed from the best source. What's more? You can make this chatbot available by text message, on a website and even social media platforms.

Empower your team to offer a greater patient experience

Private and public healthcare institutions are likely to face a surge in inquiries during an outbreak like the COVID-19, but it can also be true during the regular flu season. Administrative and frontline workers may be overwhelmed by questions, booking requests, etc. The conversational AI platform can help with information, but it can also help automating repetitive processes.

It will enable organizations to considerably scale up their customer support capacity and offer 24/7 assistance to patients. It allows teams to reclaim some time and redeploy it on critical tasks.

Technologies help us achieve great things.

As you can see, organizations from around the world are leveraging technologies at an incredible pace. We've seen a gigantic wave of tech companies and freelancers teaming up together to provide solutions. We see great results coming from a wide range of initiatives.

As societies, we sometimes doubt the benefit of technologies because of those who pushed it too far. I hope this time we can appreciate all the good technologies can bring to ease the situation and facilitate a smooth transition to the world of tomorrow.

The Botpress team didn't hesitate a second to help with any contribution we could make and we would do it all over again tomorrow if we had to. Hopefully, we won't see a crisis like this anytime soon, but I think this episode was eye opening for a lot of people in understanding that we need to prepare for whatever is coming next.