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31 Aug, 2021

How to Deploy a Chatbot for Fun & Profit

Learn how to start a Botpress instance with Docker Playground and get started on your first chatbot.

24 Aug, 2021

NLP & the Botpress NLU strategy

Build impressive chatbots, without having to be an NLP expert. Botpress' NLU strategy supports you in creating a conversational interface.

19 Aug, 2021

Getting Started with Botpress

Getting started with Botpress to build your first chatbot is easier than you think. Botpress removes the complexity of building a conversational experience that customers will love.

1 Jun, 2021

Natural Language Processing & Natural Language Understanding: In-Depth Guide in 2021

This is a comprehensive article about natural language understanding. How it works, and the different applications it can have for businesses.

15 May, 2021

How to Increase CSAT and Drive Customer Engagement with Digital Assistants

Not only does impeccable customer service put your business ahead with a great reputation, but it also has tremendous financial benefits. Customer retention and loyalty remain a massive factor in the financial success of your business.

28 Apr, 2021

Announcing our $15M Series A: Open developer stack for building Conversational AI applications

Today, I am thrilled to announce our $15M Series A financing round (Techcrunch) led by Decibel with participation from Inovia Capital and our existing investors.

26 Feb, 2021

The Roles and Customer Outcomes of Conversational AI

Why more and more companies adopt conversational AI? The answer is simple, the benefits, both qualitative and quantitative are incredible. From customer satisfaction to P&L bottom line, conversational AI has an impact across the board. Find out how!

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