Increase Your Botpress Productivity with Keyboard Shortcuts

Easy, fun and productive is driving most of our decisions at Botpress. Iuse the word ''most'' because nobody is perfect and so we sometimes go out of bounds. Nonetheless, this what we are aiming for collectively and this is deeply embedded in our culture.

This brief intro is simply to say that we have a teammate here at Botpress who couldn’t live without keyboard shortcuts. He spends just too much time in the studio not to have them. He decided to build a few shortcuts to make his work more productive, but most importantly to make your work more productive as well.

Perhaps you’ve seen our series of social media posts about the shortcuts, but I thought it’d also be easier for you to have them grouped in a single post. A place where you can find them all. A cheat sheet even.

Apart from the usual keyboard shortcuts that you would find in your favorite productivity tools, Botpress built its own shortcuts to make sure the studio can be as productive as possible for those of you who spend a lot of time building conversational assistants with it.

Here are 5 shortcuts to make your work in Botpress easier.


The command palette is a must for Botpress. It will allow you to increase your productivity by navigating the studio swiftly. This is simply faster your hands remain on the keyboard ready for the next keystrokes.


Opening and closing the emulator is probably one of the most performed actions by Botpress users. You make a change to your workflows, NLU or FAQs and you want to test it and see the results. This one is a no-brainer.


Documentation isn’t available straight in the studio, but we thought it could be helpful from time to time to have it at your keystrokes tip. If we have documentation available for a section of the studio, by striking ctrl and H you will open a new tab with the documentation.


Debugging. Not something I use a lot as a half-technica personl, but I know my software engineers colleagues are using this a lot. In fact, if there is something not working they ask to see the logs. The Botpress log panel is certainly useful for most of you.


This is as fullscreen as it can get. Get that sidebar out of the way and use the maximum screen estate to work.

We are curious to hear what other shortcuts you would think useful for Botpress. You can send me an email at [email protected] with your comments and suggestions or you can create a new issue on GitHub with the tag feature-request.

Ps: Dear Mac users, I didn’t forget about you. Just replace ctrl by cmd and it will work for you as well. ;)