Chatbot for Surveys

What is a Chatbot for survey?

A Chatbot survey is survey done directly with the use of a chatbot using AI to enter into a conversation mode with the the audience. With a survey done through a chatbot, there is no need to present astatic questionnaire, the surveyee is invited to engage in a conversational exchange with a bot making the experience more satisfying.

Chatbot for surveys

As we’ve said many times before, we all know that customer satisfaction is essential to the growth and success of any business. But how do we know if our customers are satisfied with our products or services? With surveys, of course! Surveys are an irreplaceable means of collecting information from our customers. But why does every business need to conduct surveys? And how is the survey chatbot and smart assistant changing the way we do them? Let’s take a look:

Why surveys are essential to your business:

1) Surveys help you to gain valuable feedback

When you survey your clients and customers, you gain feedback from them that is extremely valuable. With a single survey, you can not only learn how satisfied or dissatisfied your customers are, but you can also learn where your business is doing things right, and where it could use some improvement. With open ended questions like, “is there anything you would like to add”, you can also gain valuable feedback about how your employees are doing, or heed advice on things you may have never thought of before.

2) Surveys allow your customers and clients to feel heard

Many times it can be difficult for customers and clients to contact you directly, but giving them the option to fill out surveys gives them a voice. It also gives you a chance to reach out to them, thanking them for their business, or righting a wrong in the case of a dissatisfied customer.

3) Surveys reduce the likelihood of a negative public announcement

Another benefit that comes along with the survey chatbot and smart assistant is that when people have the chance to let their voices be heard through surveys, they are less likely to make their voices known publicly. In a world where many people turn to social media to “vent”, this allows them to go directly to the source instead. It’s a win win. The customer has their voice heard, and you don’t have to deal with a publicly made opinion that could damage your reputation.

4) Surveys help you to prioritize

Customer satisfaction surveys help you to determine what you need to prioritize in your business. By helping you to determine where your strengths and weaknesses lie, you can better prioritize your time to deal with the things that need to be improved upon the most.

5) Surveys help you to improve customer relationships

When you offer surveys to your clients and customers, it’s a way of letting them know that you value their opinion. When you let them know that their opinion is valued, they will adopt more of a connection with you and your brand. In return, relationships will start to blossom, and customer retention will be improved.

Why opt for a Survey Chatbot and Smart Assistant?

Here’s something that you should know about modern-day customers – they are extremely impatient. They want instant responses and instant gratification. Just how impatient are we? Well, according to statistics, the average person will wait no more than 3-5 seconds for a webpage to load before they move on to the next. Though there are no statistics on how long we will wait for surveys or customer service agent responses, we can assume that they are very similar.

Unfortunately, humans are limited in how much they can do, and how quickly they can respond. As humans, we can’t do everything at once, which means that we can’t respond to 5 different questions from 5 different people at the same time.

Who can? A survey chatbot. With the help of a smart assistant, there is no more lag time. Rather, responses are immediate. Questions can be answered promptly, and grievances can be handled in an efficient and instantaneous manner.

Why choose a Chatbot survey over a Survey form?

The main benefit of choosing a chatbot over a survey form is that the customer can be surveyed right from where they already are, in a variety of different chat applications. Whether they are using Whatsapp, Facebook, or some other chat app, chatbots can reach out to your customers inside the app that they use the most. By doing this, your chances of reaching the customer becomes much higher.

Of course, the downside of this is that some customers may consider the survey to be spam, which is why we encourage chatbot owners to minimize the questions and preferably only have one.

What can a chatbot survey do?

  • Respond to questions and concerns with advanced conversational logic that allows for complete engagement between the customer and the chatbot
  • Help you to build survey panels
  • Help you to develop survey campaigns
  • Set up custom greetings when customers first land on your page
  • Reduce the likelihood of responder fatigue
  • Free the time of your customer service employees so that they can focus on other tasks that require human interaction.

As you can see, survey chatbots and smart assistants are the way of the future. Really, they are a win-win. On the business side, they help to save money and time, and can help you to gain valuable feedback and insight into where your business needs improvement. On the customer side, they allow for quick, easy, conversational interactions.