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1 Jun, 2021

Natural Language Processing & Natural Language Understanding: In-Depth Guide in 2021

This is a comprehensive article about natural language understanding. How it works, and the different applications it can have for businesses.

Satisfaction Form

15 May, 2021

How to Increase CSAT and Drive Customer Engagement with Digital Assistants

Not only does impeccable customer service put your business ahead with a great reputation, but it also has tremendous financial benefits. Customer retention and loyalty remain a massive factor in the financial success of your business.

Text is a great communication interface

26 Feb, 2021

The Roles and Customer Outcomes of Conversational AI

Why more and more companies adopt conversational AI? The answer is simple, the benefits, both qualitative and quantitative are incredible. From customer satisfaction to P&L bottom line, conversational AI has an impact across the board. Find out how!

Image of the Bot Wall-E

26 Feb, 2021

The Difference Between Bot and Conversational AI

Bots and Conversational AI are often mixed up. It's understandable since the end result is in appearance the same. Here's how you can differentiate the two.

NLP Chatbot

14 Dec, 2020

Difference between a bot, a chatbot, a NLP chatbot and all the rest?

In this article, we dive into details about what an NLP chatbot is, how it works as well as why businesses should leverage AI to gain a competitive advantage.

Chatbots in the manufacturing industry

10 Dec, 2020

Chatbots for manufacturing industry | Benefits & Use Cases

In the manufacturing industry, chatbots have a dual role. In this article we discuss their use cases in this sector as well as key benefits.

How to create a Facebook chatbot in Messenger

23 Nov, 2020

How to build a Facebook Chatbot to answer your customers

Most Customers can be found on Facebook Messenger. Using Messenger as a channel for your chatbot is a must to reach your audience. Here is a quick guide of how you build this!